The Project

The Northwest Pollinator Initiative currently encompasses the following:

  • Researcher-conducted field study on on 24 farms in both urban and rural settings, especially organic diversified farms or farms in transition to organic.
  • Extension including webinars, publications, lectures and other resources for scientists, farmers, and the general public
  • Citizen Science program including:
    • WildBeeSense Biodiversity Project, in which the general public learns to identify bees and make an inventory of them in our public database.
    • Pollinator Post Project, in which the general public constructs and installs a nesting box for cavity-nesting bees, and monitors the results, also in our public database.
    • Polycultures and Pollinators, in which growers and gardeners evaluate bee biodiversity and pollination services through the use of non-destructive trapping and sentinel plants.

With this comprehensive approach, we are creating an inventory of bees in the region, laying the groundwork to discover the bees’ impact on farming systems, and, finally, potential interventions to bolster pollinator health, abundance, diversity, and ecosystem services.

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