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Nest Box NumberLocation NameCitizen Scientist
98272 and 29001Private GardensimskView Details
81025 & 85708OtherPam PView Details
99285Otherslanderson0View Details
4153Otherslanderson0View Details
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  • Nest Box Image
55442 and 59342Private GardenPollyView Details
89213, 50825Private GardenKatherineView Details
89689OtherZebraView Details
74075OtherZebraView Details
18165 & 66911Private GardenPam PView Details
Nest Box Image68067, 22686Private GardenswoodsyView Details
Nest Box Image70428OtherBastyrGardensView Details
  • Nest Box Image
  • Nest Box Image
22561OtherBastyrGardensView Details
20456Private GardenashnoceView Details
28968Private GardenashnoceView Details
12734OtherKLeeView Details
17512OtherKLeeView Details
Nest Box Image26586Private GardenmasonView Details
Nest Box Image68508Private GardenmasonView Details
Nest Box Image86551Private GardencollinsclView Details
Nest Box Image24640Private GardencollinsclView Details
Nest Box Image52919Private GardenPamelaView Details
Nest Box Image76282Private GardenPamelaView Details
44109Private GardenGardenCatView Details
26321Private GardenGardenCatView Details
66057Private GardenBethdlfView Details
Nest Box NumberLocation NameCitizen Scientist